Weekend Review: A Day at the Zoo!

This past weekend was the last day our local zoo was open before closing for the fall/winter seasons. Seriously- how hard is that to believe? This year is flying! Anyway, we've only lived in Missouri just shy of two months so we figured we should explore as many things as possible before we're tucked away in the freezing cold weather in a couple months. We had such a blast the zoo- it was a pretty small one, but nonetheless we got to pet giraffes, see cheetahs (my favorite animal of all time), tigers, elephants and tons of other animals so we definitely enjoyed ourselves.

Here's some pics of our adventure!

Hubs is a Mizzou grad so naturally made him pose for this pic.
 They had two baby giraffe's which we were able to feed... how precious are these wittle babies? They were so gentle and let you pet them as well.


Hubs and I have a weird thing where we pose with odd things we come across...


Weirdest thing ever- they had aliens in the South African section of the zoo... what? ET pose because, well, why not.
Mesmerized by the crystal ball
We had such a great time! I'll be sure to post all of our weekend discoveries here in The Ozarks! Oh, and I can't forget to acknowledge that it's National Coffee Day! How are you celebrating? I've already had my morning cup but I'm definitely having iced coffee later today!



  1. Your zoo looks interesting with all those weird but cute stuff around. Not just animals after all. I don't know if it's a geek thing or what but I also love going to zoos and museums. :)

    1. Thanks! Your blog is so inspirational- I love it. Have you considered joining The Peony Project? It's an online blogging community for Christians :) Here's the link: http://www.betsygettis.com/2014/06/introducing-peony-project.html


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