Review: Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil

Real talk- I'm human. I have cystic acne, acne spots and scars and even... toe nail fungus. Yep, I just went there. I thought for the longest time on one of my big toes that I stubbed it because it had a white mark on it, but after doing some research I realized that it's actually a fungus in the toenail. I know you're probably all "ew girlfran, keep that to yourself," but I'm not ashamed to admit things like this.

Apothecary Extracts sent me their 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil* to review and can we just have the hallelujah song on repeat? Here's some facts about this tea tree oil which are all found on the label:

  • It's pharmaceutical grade meanings it's not diluted like most over-the-counter tea tree oils
  • Uses: fights acne (holla), lice, toenail fungus (holla), skin tags, yeast infections, dandruff, cold sores, ringworm, fleas, psoriasis, warts and more
  • 100% natural: no parabens, fragrance, artificial color, mineral oil or chemicals
I've tried other tea tree oils for acne in the past from Wal-Mart and Target and I was never wowed. After trying this, I'm in love! After cleaning my face every night I apply the oil to any acne scars, developing or current acne with a q-tip and have noticed a significant improvement in my skin in just a week! I'm 26 so I feel like I shouldn't be breaking out anymore, but I guess I'm one of the lucky ones who still develops cystic acne (go team!). This product is the best I've ever used to fight my acne. I've been to dermatologists and have been on numerous acne-fighting medication and have tried tons of prescription creams but I've never seen such a fast improvement in my skin as when I use this pure tea tree oil.

As for the toenail fungus, it's completely cleared up! That white spot on my big toenail is gone. I did not take a before and after picture of said fungus because I'm not THAT disgusting. I showed my husband (I'm so appealing) and he was even amazed! I've even convinced him to start using it as an acne spot treatment as well since he's seen such an improvement in my skin.

If you're interested in trying this tea tree oil, Apothecary Oils has a giant 4 oz. bottle which comes with a FREE ebook which includes 50+ uses for Tea Tree Oil. Score! Click here to learn more about their product!

Have you used tea tree oil for anything in the past? If so let me know!

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