Weekend Review: Exploring & Crop Tops

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My husband and I had a relaxing one filled with football, tons of TV and just lounging around. We wanted to get out of the house for a bit so we decided to go to downtown Springfield and explore Commercial St. which is a local hot spot. We weren't able to explore much of the street since it was closed down for a dog festival (we had no idea or we would have brought our sweet Zoey!) but we were able to walk across the foot bridge that's above the local train tracks. 

If you live in the Springfield area I highly recommend! It's a beautiful view of downtown and has a rustic feel. Chad and I talked about going at night to see the sunset and getting some ice cream and hot chocolate when the weather gets cooler. Check out these neat pics of the view:

While we were there we had an impromptu photo shoot because I liked my fall outfit that day. I'm one of those girls that wears leggings as pants (because A. I live in yoga pants when I'm home and B. they're basically like wearing PJ's) as long as I have my bum covered. I chose to wear my black leggings paired with a grey crop top and a white over sized cardigan. Of course I had to break out the fall boots and since the weather was chilly in the low 60's I decided to wear some burgundy boot socks with them to add a pop of color.

Outfit details:
Crop top: Forever 21- $5.90
Over sized cardigan: Forever 21- $29.90
Leggings: Forever 21- $3.80
Boot socks: Target- $3.00
Boots: Macy's- $40

After the bridge we explored a section of Commercial St. that wasn't closed for the festival.

AND I stepped in gum.

That's where the adventure ended my friends! Downtown Springfield has so much to explore and it's such a fun place!

Did you do anything exciting this weekend or did you take it pretty easy like we did? Let me know in the comments below!

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