DIY Thanksgiving "Thankful Tree" Centerpiece

Hi loves! Today I have another festive DIY project that would be perfect for a Thanksgiving centerpiece (to read my initial wreath DIY project, click here). If you're like me and you're having family over for the holidays and want to add some personal touches to your holiday decor, then you've been on Pinterest for hours trying to find some inspiration. I couldn't find any I liked or any that seemed simple enough (I'm no Picasso, people) so I came up with my own!

I wanted to create something that gave off the vibe of fall while adding a personalized touch and came up with the idea of a thankful tree, incorporating a few things we're thankful for this year. I decided to add some burlap for a rustic feel and added some brown/red ribbon to stick with the Thanksgiving theme of fall colors.

If you want to recreate my centerpiece, you'll need the following:

Vase of your choice
Sticks (I live in an apartment so I had to purchase some)
Fake acorns
Fake leaves
Glue gun

First, measure enough burlap to go around the base of the vase and cut- I chose to mix and match original burlap with white to add some dimension but you can leave it one way or the other. Then, take some ribbon and hot glue it to the burlap.

Once you've created the burlap piece, hot glue it to the vase so it stays secure.

Next, fill up the bottom of the vase with some fake acorns as a filler in various colors.

Excuse my wittle fluff ball, Belle.
After the acorns are in the vase, take your sticks and arrange them in the jar however you see fit.

Take your tags and write with a sharpie the things you're most thankful for.

And last, place your tags in random spots all over the sticks and hot glue fake leaves in random spots to make the sticks appear more fall-like.

And wallah! Your thankful tree centerpiece is complete! It adds a personal touch to any Thanksgiving dinner/party and your guests are sure to love it! I got everything I needed at my local Michael's and it cost me $15 (with leftovers for another DIY)- not bad!

Do you have any Thanksgiving/holiday DIY projects you'd recommend? If so, let me know in the comments below!


  1. What a fun tutorial! Thank you for the clear pictures and step-by-step visuals. I wish I could be as artistic as you are. Great job! :-)

    1. Aww, thanks Katie! I'm not that artistic, really. Thank you so much for reading- love your blog btw :) xo


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