KISS InstaWave Review + Demo

Hi loves! If you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll remember a post a did a few months back on how to prevent scarring from any type of hot tool. Oh, and this flattering picture of a fresh burn from my curling wand:

When Kiss Hair Appliances sent me their InstaWave to try out, I was instantly excited when I noticed it's a fully automatic tangle-free curler that instantly creates beautiful, long-lasting curls with ease (No Need to be a Pro)! Finally- a curling wand that I don't have to wrap my hair around 20 times and run the risk of burning myself. If you're like me and you're accident-prone, you need this curling wand in your life!

This curler is easy for anyone to use- any age and with any hand. Obviously from the burn picture above I have my issues (insert laugh here). Unlike other curling wands, InstaWave features a Curl Dial with left/right curl directions to add some dimension. It has two heat settings (low & high) with the high setting reaching a maximum temperature of 420 and for safety purposes, has an automatic 90 minute shut off feature.

So how do you use KISS InstaWave? Check out my tutorial below with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve perfect loose, beachy waves.

When you plug in the curler and choose your desired heat setting, a red light will turn on and will turn blue when it's reached its maximum temperature.

Step 1: Hold InstaWave vertically and simply place a 1 inch section of hair on the curling rod.

Step 2: Touch the Curl Dial either left of right, and the InstaWave instantly and automatically catches and curls the hair.

Step 3: Hold for 5-10 second- hold longer for tighter curls and less for beachy waves which is the look I'm trying to achieve.

Step 4: Pull the InstaWave down vertically, letting hair out.

**Tip: Switch between curling right and curling left to create the most natural looking curls.
Once you're done, your loose curl should look something like this:

Repeat the process above all over hair until your desired look is achieved. To get beachy waves, I sprayed some hairspray and took my hands and shook the curls out to loosen them and this was the final result:

I am in LOVE with this curling wand. Not once did I feel like I was going to burn myself, and it's perfect for the girl who is constantly on the go and doesn't have the time to wrap her hair around a wand for 30 minutes. It only took me 10 minutes to do my entire hair!

If you want to create beautiful, natural looking curls/waves, you can purchase the KISS InstaWave from Ulta, Target and To learn more about this product, click here.

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