Let it Grow: Month 3

Back in September, I introduced a new series called "Let it Grow" where each month I'm going to try different combinations of "hair growth tips" that I research and on the 15th of each month (I realize it's the 17th, but the picture of my current hair length below (month 3) was taken on the 15th) I'm going to take a picture to measure just how much they're speeding up the average hair growth process. To read month 1, click here and to read month 2, click here.

The picture from month 1 was taken on September 15, a few weeks after a haircut where I was talked into how damaged it was so it needed to be cut short, blah blah blah. The picture from month 2 was taken October 15, and the picture from month 3 was taken this past Saturday, the 15th and I think it's safe to say that I've seen the most growth this past month! Also, excuse thd dead ends- in need of a light trim!
For month 2 I saw about 1/2 inch of growth which is the standard rate hair grows, but this month I've seen nearly 3/4 of an inch! I continued taking 5,000 MCG of Biotin daily but added in using Lee Stafford's Hair Growth Treatment once a week which seems to be doing the trick!

To continue my hair growth, I'm going to continue taking 5,000 MCG of Biotin daily with no additional products to see if it's just the Biotin that's speeding up the hair growth process. Check back on December 15 to see my progress!

Have you had a too short haircut and tried to grow your hair out? Are you trying to grow your hair longer? Are you also taking part in my growth series? Let me know in the comments below :)


  1. Um, I now want to try these! i'm going to have to check out your other posts on this series. I went temporarily brain-dead and chopped off 6 inches, and now i'm desperately wanting it all back!

    1. What were we thinking? I did the same thing and I loved it for a few days but then hated it! Let me know if any of my tips work for you!


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