The Perfect Everyday Neutral Palette

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I know I sure did- I was able to spend it with my parents who I hadn't seen in over eight months which is hard for me. I'm such a family person and moving so far away is one of the toughest things. I also can't believe that this is my last post of 2014! Where did this year go? I hope you all have a blessed New Year! I know I'm beyond ready to get back in the gym and continue with my fitness plan. FYI- I'm eating M&Ms at this very moment. Yep.

Today I wanted to review Maybelline's new-ish The Nudes palette which I'm beyond obsessed with. I've had it for a few months and have used it every single day since I got it. It's become my most favorite palette, surpassing a couple of high-end palettes like The Balm's Meet Matte Nude and UD Naked 2. Let's look at the palette...

Shadows swatched in quads, starting with the first quad on the left.
The palette contains 12 shades with a mix of shimmer and matte shades, all neutral. The back of the palette separates the shadows into quads, trios and duos, making it extremely easy to pair shadows together if you're unsure of what shadows to combine. Not only is this a drugstore palette and affordable, the shadows are also surprisingly good quality. Some offer more pigmentation than others (ie., the black color is very sheer) but overall they're pretty pigmented and creamy. It also includes the perfect highlighting shade (first shadow in, first row) as well as the ideal transition color for fair/light skin tones (the fifth shadow in, first row). My only con about this palette is I wish the shadows were given names under each one to make it easier to describe instead of saying first shadow in, etc. That's honestly my only complaint so I can't say too much! Absolutely love it!

Have you tried this palette? If so, were you as impressed as me?

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