Vest Lusting

A major fashion trend this winter are vests! I'm not talking about the huge puffer jackets you wore as a kid where the sleeves zipped off exposing the zipper and it looked ridiculous- nobody has time for that. I'm talking fashionable faux fur/quilted/herringbone vests that are the perfect accessory for any outfit. I've decided to compile some of my favorite vests that are on my Christmas lust list this year!

1. Faux Fur. I love the faux fur vest trend this year. It seems so warm/comfy and is the perfect accessory to turn any blah outfit into something so classy and unique. I would pair it with a black turtleneck (another major trend this year) and some leggings/jeggings. Absolutely love this trend and will be purchasing one when prices drop!

2. Quilted. Love. Love. Love. Quilted vests are the perfect addition to any flannel shirt to compliment the fall/winter look. You can find these fairly inexpensive in more affordable stores such as Forever 21, Target and Old Navy. Can't wait to add one to my collection!

3. Herringbone. Now, this vest will probably never land in my closet unless I come across the perfect inexpensive one (on a budget- ya feel me?) J Crew came out with this print/vest and I must say I'm in major lust love over this thing. You can pair it with absolutely anything- a black/white dress with tights and boots, long-sleeved shirt with jeans and boots, hi-low top with leggings, etc. How gorgeous is it? Let's just take a minute to lust at the perfectness that is the herringbone vest. That is all.

Are you lusting after this winter trend? Are vests on your Christmas list this year? If so, let me know in the comments below!


  1. I have never really loved vests -- but they have come out with some cute ones and I've seen them styled so cute lately! I totally want to try one out, now!

    1. Totally agree- I was never a vest person either. But seeing all the cute ones now makes me want one!


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