Let it Grow: Month 6

Hello little muffins! I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day! My hubby and I celebrated with a flower delivery, some chocolates, baking my sister's amazing homemade chocolate eclair torte dessert (yes, it's as delicious as it sounds) and ending the night with some yummy Mexican food!

Back to the point of this post, can you believe I'm in month 6 of my "Let It Grow" series?  If you're not familiar with my blog, last September I introduced a new series called "Let it Grow," where each month I try different combinations of hair growth tips that I research, and on the 15th of each month I take a picture to measure just how much they're speeding up the average hair growth process to determine what's myth vs. fact. 
{Month 1 | Month 2 | Month 3 | Month 4 | Month 5}
Something weird happened this month, you guys. If you remember, last month I told you how I dyed my highlighted hair back to my natural dark brown, but as you can clearly tell, it's starting to fade. I used 1 bottle each of L'Oreal Preference (permanent hair dye) in Lush Cherry and Mega Browns in Dark Chocolate with a level 10 developer. I use shampoo specifically for color-treated hair and can't figure out why it's fading so fast. Anyone have any advice on how I can get it back to my natural color and get the highlights out permanently? Insert grumpy cat emoji here! Seriously, they need to add one pronto! Anyone else?

Regarding hair growth, I'm disappointed. I have seen the least amount of growth in this entire series. In fact, I don't see any. I did give myself an at-home trim (just the split ends) which is probably why it looks the same length. Last month I continued taking 5,000 MCG of Biotin and a multivitamin and added apple cider vinegar rinses into the mix. While I don't see any growth, the apple cider vinegar is working wonders on restoring the health of my hair (more on that to come in a later post). In my research (AKA Pinterest), I did find that it's normal to plateau in hair growth. Just like in weight loss and workouts, our bodies get used to certain regimens and sometimes it's necessary to switch them up. Also, I found out that it can take one-two months for the apple cider vinegar to promote hair growth. I feel like the Little Engine That Could! I think I can, I think I can... get back to seeing results!

How creepy is that clown?
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Hair growth tips I'm taking this month: continue taking a multivitamin containing folic acid and using apple cider vinegar rinses. Check back March 15 to see my progress (well, let's hope it's progress)!


Have you had a too-short haircut and tried to grow your hair out? Are you taking part in my growth series? Let me know in the comments below :)


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, but no progress this month! Growing hair out is such a long process! Thank you :)

  2. What a fun series! And your hair is so shiny, and pretty. Love it. :-)

  3. I'll definitely be following this series! This is my constant challenge!


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