Monday Confessions

I spotted this notebook at TJMaxx this past weekend and thought it would be some great motivation for you on this Monday!

I figured I'd start up my blog again (sorry again for the lack of posts- things have been arguably a little crazy lately) with a new series of posts each Monday called "Monday Confessions." What girl doesn't have beauty or life secrets each week that you're either ashamed of or are just simply weird? So, here goes my first round of Monday Confessions.

1. I didn't wear foundation once last week. It's true. My husband took me to a football game at his Alma Mater, Mizzou, and I got too much freaking sun for a person as pale as myself (insert Twilight "you look like Kristen Stewart" reference here). So much so that I looked like a mix between Rudolph and Tan Mom and applied aloe to my face every hour.

2. I spent too much time at Ulta yesterday. My friends, they had one of those "buy 2 get 1 free" deals and this week it was on NYX products. I spent at least 20 minutes in the NYX aisle and didn't get one NYX product- what? I did however get a bottle of shampoo. Random? That's me.

3. I drank too much coffee Saturday morning. I had an unashamed 6 cups Saturday morning, all before 9AM. Say what you will, but Saturday mornings are when I have "me time" and catch up on my ridiculous shows and sip on coffee in my sweats lookin' like a hot mess with my furry babies (pets, obvi., not kids). Don't judge!

4. I wore the same pants three times in a row last week- without washing them. Look, jeggings are extremely tight and girlfriend just wanted to stretch them out. After the second day they fit much better and were way more stretchy, so I enjoyed them an extra day.

5. I  skipped out on the gym- every day. Ugh, this one I'm ashamed of. I was going consistently for a few months and ruined my streak. I just wasn't feeling seeing the creepy guy who hogs the bike and awkwardly waiting on the machines, not knowing if someone is using them. I will go this week, I will!

Do you have any confessions from the past week?

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