5 Things Gym Procrastinators Think

I try SO hard to stick with a workout regime (along with 8 billion other people). The hardest part is finding the right routine for you and sticking with it. My goal is to be toned by summer- when I say toned I don't mean jacked, rather some definition in my legs, thighs, arms and hopefully abs (talk about #goals).

But let's be real- no matter how dedicated you are, sometimes your workout just doesn't.. work out. These are some thoughts that run through my head when I'm struggling to get a workout in, and I'm sure you've thought some of these things as well!

1. I don't have time. YES, yes you do! Oh, you've had a busy day? Well, guess what? Everyone has. That's really no excuse, no matter how tired you are. You can always squeeze in some type of workout, even if it's picking up your cat and counting that as bench presses. YES, I've done that.

2. It's "that time of the month." I feel you- "that time of the month" is no fun, but can we really use that as an excuse? After skipping the full week, before you know it, you've skipped another week. Stick with it my friends- just eat some chocolate after.

3. I have nothing to wear. Truth is- no one cares what you're wearing to the gym. Shocker, right? Nope. No makeup? Who cares. No legit workout clothes? So what? You don't have to have top-of-the-line workout gear to get in shape. Take it from a girl who wears leggings to the gym and t shirts I've had since high school. Not attractive, but that's fine by me.
4. I'm afraid of how I'll look on the machines. We've all been there- you think you're doing the correct workout on a machine, but you see someone else doing it and you have an epiphany: I've been doing it wrong this whole time! You can't help but feel like a newborn fawn walking for the first time, trying to navigate through life. Don't sweat the small stuff!

5. There's so many creeps at the gym. Well said, sister. It doesn't matter which gym you go to- there will always be creepers. I mean, there's creepers at Target, the greatest place on earth. Just deal it with- no matter how creepy they are, ignore them and put on some music and headphones and pretend you don't hear or see them.

These thoughts run through my mind constantly and I have to do everything I can to block them out. I promise you'll feel much better if you deal with these things versus skipping the gym again.

What keeps you from going?


  1. I always feel better working out during my TOM.I just take it easier sometimes, but at least I did it.

  2. I always feel better working out during my TOM.I just take it easier sometimes, but at least I did it.


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