Monday Confessions

Anyone else feel like this each morning? She's my adorable cat, Belle, but you probably already know that.

All right, it's time for another round of Monday confessions where I confess things I'm either a.) not proud of from last week, or b.) find a little funny/weird.

1. I worked out once. Just once! I'm so ashamed of this. My plan was to hit the ground running in 2016, not slack off with my workout routine. I guess once is better than nothing?

2. I bought a pair of pajama pants from Target and have no clue what print they are. Does this ever happen to you? I was perusing their 70% off pajama sale (for some reason, I love their pajama section.) and picked up a pair for only $7, but I have no clue what the print is. It's like a blue/gold flower, maybe? Who knows.

3. I left my laundry in the dryer for two days. Listen- I HATE folding laundry. There's not enough hate in the world for this daunting task. I folded two loads this past week and left the third in there. I even put it on tumble dry. Twice.

4. I wore leggings as pants 4 days last week. I live for comfort. My style (or lack-thereof) in the winter consists of mostly leggings, a long sweater and boots. It does not look very feminine, but I could honestly care less when I'm freezing. #LeggingsForLife

5. I stuck my ice cream in the refrigerator. Ugh, this one I'm ashamed of. You guys know that my ice cream game is strong. We were finally on the other side of town on Saturday and I just had to have my favorite ice cream, Chick-Fil-A's Ice Dream. I ate half of it and stuck the other half in the refrigerator (why, I have NO clue). You could say I was disappointed the next morning to find it all melted.

So there you have it- 5 things I'm not proud of that happened last week. Do you have any confessions from the past week?

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