Tips to Combat the "Rainy Day Blues"

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Rainy days can really put a damper (SO PUNNY) on things. I mean, really- it's dark, hard to get out of bed, you feel groggy all day and the worst- bad hair days all around. When you have naturally curly hair, rainy days are your enemy. I actually somewhat enjoy rainy days (minus the hair issues) if it falls on a weekend where I can really take advantage of the chill vibes it gives. It's been nothing but rain here in Missouri, so I figured I'd compile a list of some ways you can enjoy a rainy day!

  1. Enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee. We all know coffee is comforting (and if you don't know, now you know- there's a throwback for you). There's nothing like taking that first sip in the morning. It's warm, rejuvenating and comforting. On a rainy day, treat yo self, girl. You deserve your favorite Starbs or Dunkin' drink.
  2. Relax. Rainy days tend to make me feel relaxed, regardless of how stressed I am about my hair going from straight to Medusa in the matter of seconds. Take a nice hot bath, read a good book, light some candles and play your favorite music- do whatever relaxes you.
  3. Dress comfy. I live for comfort- there's nothing I hate more than tight clothes. The second I walk in the door from work or running errands, I immediately throw on a pair of sweats and a baggy t-shirt. On a rainy day, throw on a pair of leggings (after all, they ARE pants) with a high-low top, or throw on your comfiest jeans.

  4. Cuddle up with your pets. Nothing beats the warm snuggles of a fluffy dog or cat! Our chocolate lab Zoey loves to cuddle on the couch. There's something about those warm snuggles I can't get enough of!
  5. Binge watch your favorite shows or movies. Lifetime, Lifetime, Lifetime. I LOVE Lifetime's movies- they're filled with drama, horrible acting and are new every week. Get your Netflix on, girlfriend!
How do you combat the rainy day blues?


  1. These are all great ideas! Come rain or shine, I'd be down to do all of those if I wasn't chasing after a toddler! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love rainy days - especially on the weekends, when I get to do all these things! I find that rain is actually a bit meditative and calming, and I'm particularly grateful for it around this time of year when it washes all the pollen away!

    Emma |


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