Tips to Relieve Dry Winter Skin

Winter wreaks havoc on my skin, especially my legs. I have eczema (which is basically a skin condition that causes skin to become irritated, extremely itchy and inflamed), so the struggle is very real when it comes to relieving my skin from the harsh effects of Old Man Winter (what a creep that guy is). 

Shaving of course irritates my eczema like no other. It's taken me a while to find a shaving and moisturizing routine to restore the moisture in my legs and I wanted to share it with you! These tips will not only help your legs feel smoother and moisturized and ready for spring, but they'll also help minimize how often you have to shave!

 These three things are the only products I use before, during and after shaving. Simple, inexpensive and the best products I've found to help my eczema!

First and foremost- I do NOT use a shaving cream. Most shaving creams can actually dry out your skin, leaving them even more irritated. Using conditioner in place of shaving cream will moisturize your legs all day, leaving them smooth!

Next, and probably the most important part, is a good razor. You'll want one that has multiple blades and isn't dull. I personally love stealing my husband's razor from Dollar Shave Club. Let's be real- you've stolen your man's razor once or twice before. I just so happen to steal it every time- EVERY TIME- #noshame. I love the fact that they're delivered to our door and are high quality, despite how affordable they are (even better than big box stores). They have great razor options from two to three to even four blades!

And last in my routine is baby oil gel. Don't worry- I don't have kids yet so I didn't steal their baby oil gel like I steal my husbands razor. This stuff is hands down the best moisturizer! I apply immediately after shaving and showering, before towel drying my legs. Applying baby oil gel to your skin while it's still wet will help it to retain up to 10 time more moisture. Baby oil gel also helps cut down how often you have to shave. Since your skin is absorbing more moisture, your stubble will be at a minimum! Don't worry- you won't have to go creepin' down the baby aisle looking for this product. It can be found in the adult bath/shower section.

Do you have any tips to relieve dry winter skin?

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