Easy, Everyday Makeup

I work full-time for a living-SHOCKER-and don't have the time to create bold makeup looks that are appropriate for everyday wear. Let's be honest- unless you're going out for the night or have a special event, there's really no reason to go all out with your makeup, especially for work. I prefer to keep my everyday makeup on the natural side- minimal eye shadow, a simple and thin winged liner, foundation, blush, bronzer and some sort of lip product. You may be thinking whoa Nelly, that's a lot, but I promise it's minimal!


Starting with the eyes, place a neutral skin toned shade, like MAKE Beauty's Matte Finish Eye shadow in Alabaster, all over your lid. Their products are hypoallergenic, perfect for those sensitive skin ladies out there like myself. Next, apply a medium matte brown in the crease (I used MAC's Gimme Sun). Apply the eye shadow on your brow bone to brighten under your brows. To finish the eyes, apply your favorite liquid liner and mascara and the eyes are done!

For the face, I used my favorite matte foundation, a little bit of concealer to cover some acne and set it all with some translucent powder. Next, I took the same bronzer I used on my eyes and lightly bronzed my face. Keyword being lightly- I'm pale as a ghost- no need to look muddy. To finish the face, I applied a light pink blush and voila- done with the face.

To complete this simple and fresh makeup look, choose a neutral lipstick shade. I love MAKE Beauty's Silk Cream Lipstick in the shade Taffy because not only is it moisturizing and contains aloe and chamomile, it's the perfect everyday color without being too glam for work. It's also feather-resistant, so frequent touch-ups aren't required. Now to the finished result...

I love how fresh and bright this makeup look is- perfect for work, school, church- anything! MAKE Beauty products are made in the U.S., are cruelty free, and are hypoallergnic. If you're interested in trying some of their amazing products, I have a coupon code valid through 4/15 for 20% off site-wide- just use the code MAKEYOURSELF!

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  1. This is perfection! I am terrible with knowing what to do with my makeup. I have created a bad habit where I just throw on foundation and go. I need to start doing at least a little more. Thank you for sharing! I can do this!

    1. You're so welcome, Caitlin! I'm glad this helps! Placing a matte brown in your crease will help make your eyes appear larger and more awake. Let me know if you try it!

  2. Sounds like some GREAT makeup!!! <3


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