Skin Detox for Blemished Skin

Why is it that one day you can have amazing, glowing skin with no breakouts, and the next you're covered in blemishes the size of a nickle? #thestruggle

I woke up this morning with a bunch of new breakouts-which I think is from a new shampoo I've been trying-and my face is sore, red and swollen. I knew I had to detox my skin before work this morning, so I turned to doing two things that instantly make your skin feel better: green tea and a clay mask. (PS- this is me raw without any makeup, hair a hot mess and in my PJs- don't judge)

Green tea is a natural antioxidant and decreases puffiness and improves your overall complexion. I'm not usually a tea drinker, but when I feel bloated or my skin is a hot mess, it's my go-to. And yes, I'm drinking it in a mug that says coffee. Life win.

To detoxify my face, I'm using *Valentia's Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask. My favorite thing about this mask is that it's cruelty free and organic! This mask has amazing ingredients, including kaolin clay that draws out impurities from your skin and tightens pores, perfect for my blemished skin. It also has plant stem cells that reduce redness because, of course, I have those cystic breakouts that are puffy, red dots that look like pepperoni (and I am NOT a fan of pepperoni). This make also contains spirulina (vitamins that hydrate the skin), CoQ10 (stimulates collagen production), and cranberry and hibiscus fibers (anti-aging properties). It also has exfoliating beads, so it removes dead skin cells when you rinse it off.

If your skin is going through some things, try this clay mask and drinking green tea. You'll feel better in no time. Follow Valentia on their Instagram and Facebook to see their latest products!

*Powered by BrandBacker. As always, all opinion are my own. I would never recommend a product to my readers that I didn't honestly like.

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