When Life Gets Hard

Today's post isn't about makeup or beauty products- rather, a short, simple note about something I've been struggling with lately. Life gets a little complicated, and it's easy to focus on the negatives when they inhabit your life for so long and are out of your control. 

I'm not going to get specific, but I have a pretty negative thing in my life currently, and I know it's temporary. I know I need to focus on what lies ahead, but it's hard. I'm not resilient to harboring negative feelings and I'm especially not good at being positive when I'm around something so negative. 

Today's post is to remind us all to focus on the future, not the past. Good things are going to come. I know The Lord has something amazing in store for my husband and I, and I need to focus on that instead of the negativity that surrounds me.

Do you struggle with focusing on the negative or the past?

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