Bachelorette Season 12 Recap

Am I the only one who wasn't that into this season of The Bachelorette? I always prefer The Bachelor as opposed to The Bachelorette (hello 26 women full of drama), but this season might have been my least favorite of all time. Why?

For starters, I wasn't really a fan of Jojo. It's not that I don't like her, I think she's nice and beautiful, but let's be real- she never really showed any personality. I wasn't a fan of Kaitlyn either, but at least she seemed like herself the entire show.

Next, she sent men home after they confessed their love for her. Sure, the likelihood that you can really fall in love in a couple of weeks is pretty slim, but these guys poured their hearts out and got the boot right after.

Another reason? She sent Luke home. Enough said.

And the last reason- I don't feel the connection between her and Jordan (and anyone really). Did anyone else notice that he was standoffish the entire season up til the last day? 

Did you enjoy this season of The Bachelorette? Are you excited for Bachelor in Paradise? Bring on Ashley I.!

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