4 Things Coffee Has Taught Me

It's National Coffee Day, ya'll- AKA the best day ever because coffee is the best thing ever. To celebrate this amazing day and to honor one of my favorites things in life, I figured I'd share with you 4 things that coffee has taught me.
  1. To relax. With a full time job, exercise routine, managing my blog, taking care of 3 pets and a husband, life can get pretty hectic. Having a cup of coffee- let's be real, more like 5 cups - each morning forces me to sit down and start the day on a relaxing note.
  2. To be more social. I'm an extroverted introvert, meaning I'm outgoing in certain situations. Generally speaking, I tend to keep to myself in my daily routine, staying in my office at work most of the day without mingling with co-workers, passing on group lunches, blah blah blah. Coffee is a social beverage in that it forces you to have quick conversation when you go get a cup, whether it's in the office or the Starbucks drive through. My barista at Da Bux and I have some pretty great chats!
  3. To be thankful. Each morning when I sip on my coffee and watch the news (duh, I have to since my hubby is a news anchor) I tend to reflect on things I'm grateful for. Now, I'm not saying I'm all sappy each morning, but there are mornings- especially on weekends - where I get lost in my thoughts and reflect on the blessings in my life. #blessings
  4. To take "it" one step at a time. We all have those days where the struggle is real whether it's a busy day running errands or a hectic day at the office- it's easy to get ahead of ourselves and set our expectations a little too high and overwork ourselves. When I'm overwhelmed I tend to freak out. Coffee seems to be the only coping mechanism to the daily struggle and stresses. It forces me to take little breaks by sipping my venti iced coffee with one pump hazelnut, skim milk and light ice (because let's face it- they're cheap and give you mostly ice). 
To say I love coffee is an understatement- it's simply divine! What has coffee taught you?

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