5 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been trending everywhere lately and for good reason! Coconut oil contains fatty acids that include antibacterial and antiviral properties, making it great for ingesting and placing on cuts, sores and fungi on the body. Coconut oil is also a great and healthy cooking oil because it's good for your heart and digestive system. But did you know coconut oil can be used in your daily beauty regime? Take a look at these 5 uses and benefits of adding this oil to your beauty routine!

  1. Body lotion. Coconut oil is excellent when used as a moisturizer because it's easily absorbed by the body, non-greasy and very moisturizing to the skin. A little goes a long way! Take a quarter sized amount of solid coconut oil- don't worry, it melts easily in your hand-and rub all over your body. While it may seem greasy at first, after a few minutes your skin will absorb the oil and will feel silky and smooth!
  2. Makeup Remover. We all know how difficult it can be to remove makeup, especially mascara- waterproof or not. Take a small amount of coconut oil, rub in in your hands to melt the product and gently rub your makeup off!
  3. Hair mask. Nothing makes my hair softer than a coconut oil hair mask! I've fallen prey to the whole "your hair has some damage, you may want to cut it off" trick from a hair stylist in the past. I'm trying to grow my hair out and a weekly coconut mask tames split ends and makes my hair silky and healthy. Leave it on for an hour or overnight for healthy and shiny hair!
  4. Eye cream. Okay, maybe not cream, but you get the point. Coconut oil is great at hydrating the skin and can even reduce the signs of wrinkles, making it a great natural eye cream. If you don't have sensitive, acne-prone skin you may be able to get away with using coconut oil as a moisturizer for your entire face. It is a comedogenic oil, meaning it clogs pores so be careful if you're acne-prone like myself.
  5. Cuticle oil. We all know how drying nail polish remover is to your skin, especially your cuticles. After your next at-home manicure, take a pea-sized amount of coconut oil and work into your cuticles. They'll feel moisturized in no time, leaving the skin around your nails healthier and softer.

There you have it, folks- 5 beauty uses for coconut oil. Just make sure you use an organic, unrefined coconut oil so you're using it in its purest state with no added ingredients. Do you use coconut oil in your beauty routine? If so, leave some tips in the comments below!

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