5 Things You Don't Know About Me

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe it's the start of 2017? It just sounds so weird, especially when growing up everyone feared the year 2000 (where all my late 80s babies at?) and here we are approaching 2020 in a few years- crazy! Let's all hope this year isn't as awkward as Mariah's NYE performance, or lack thereof. Anyway, the pic above was from the first NYE I spent with my husband back in 2011! Talk about a throwback!

I figured my first post of 2017 should be something more personal instead of being beauty based, so I'm sharing five things you don't know about me!

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  1. I've lived in four different states! I was born and raised in a small town in Connecticut and moved to Florida halfway through my junior year of high school. While in college and working part time at a TV station I met my husband, got engaged and moved to North Carolina for his career.  A little over two and half years ago my husband got a job offer in Missouri and we've called The Ozarks home! I love that we've experience many cultures and I wouldn't want to do life any other way; this man is my heart. Favorite place we've lived? Florida hands down.
  2. I'm a homebody. Don't get me wrong- I love to get dinner with friends, go to the movies, shopping, coffee dates- but if given the ultimatum of going out or staying in I'm bound to choose staying in. I'd much rather watch Netflix and get takeout than grab a fancy dinner or go to a bar. Call me boring, but I love staying in!
  3. I never used to want children. It's true- when I was a teenager I never wanted my own children. I liked kids, but I never saw myself someday having children. Flash forward to 28 and my heart is yearning for children!

  4.  I was bullied throughout middle and high school. I was the girl with glasses and braces at the same time- talk about a double whammy- and was constantly teased for it. I remember hiding my glasses in my desk at school and struggling to read the blackboard because I was too embarrassed. But you know, life goes on and college was much better!

  5. I love to golf. Give me a 6 hybrid, a Nike ball and I'm good to go! My dad signed our family up for golf lessons back in high school and I've played off and on ever since. There's nothing more peaceful than golfing in beautiful weather! 
I hope you learned something new today! I'd love to know some facts about you in the comments below! 

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