My Love For Coffee

I. LOVE. COFFEE. I feel like Oprah in her Weight Watchers commercial; "I LOVE BREAD." I mean, bread is delicious, but I'm here to proclaim my love for coffee and why I'm in love with such a flavorful, robust, delicious thang.

It's Comforting. As much as I've come to enjoy mornings—NEVER thought I would say that—nothing gets me out of bed more than knowing I have a fresh cup of coffee that's just waiting to be poured and devoured.

It gets me jacked. Listen- I need the friggin' energy. I work in digital media which means I'm at my computer ALL day. I force myself to get up occasionally and get away from my computer screen but still- over at least 8.5 consecutive hours a day takes its toll on your energy. Coffee helps me stay awake and gives me the energy I need to truck along.

It's delicious. I honestly enjoy the taste of coffee. I feel like some people only drink it for the caffeine, but I truly love certain blends: dark roast, Italian, donut, French— the list goes on!

It makes me social. I'm an extroverted introvert (yes, it's a real thing) and have social anxiety. Like legit social anxiety to the point where I make myself sick if I get anxious enough. I'm not great at small talk unless I feel comfortable, and coffee forces you to become more social. I friggin' love it for making me bold. Ha, get it? Yep.

There ya have it, folks. My love of coffee goes deeper than just Instagram-worthy pics. Are you a coffee drinker? Why do you love it?

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