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Wondering why I've been MIA in the blogging world? I've been a little preoccupied and haven't found the time to blog because... we're moving to... Nor'Dakoda don'tcha know! Can't you tell with the huge snow mound in the background?

My husband works in TV news and has accepted a prime time anchor position in Bismarck! We're so excited for this next adventure and can't wait to be settled in our new home!

Did I mention we're buying our first home? Ahhhhh, pinch me. We've rented apartments since we graduated college so we're ready to quit wasting money in rent and invest in a house. You can find me on Pinterest the next few years as I try out some home projects!

We officially move Sunday, March 12. Because we're driving from Missouri we'll have to break up the almost 14 hour drive in two days and will arrive in our new city on March 13! Seriously, please send prayers our way, ya'll- I don't do well highway driving for hours at a time. Anxiety, a bad bladder and a chocolate lab in the back seat don't mix very well.

We can't wait for this new adventure! I'll be sure to blog our time spent in the Tundra (as I call it) complete with snow storms and learning the almost-Canadian way of life. If you have any subzero snow tips, PLEASE leave them in the comments below! I grew up in Connecticut but this girl isn't used to subzero temps!


  1. VERY EXCITING! and a first home! That's amazing! Can't wait to follow along on your journey!

    1. Thanks, Kallie! It's friggin' cold here- I'll definitely be blogging everything :)


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